For the benefit of the country and planet


The Union of the Railway Construction Engineers (URCE) gathered cutting-edge scientists and experts in the field of noise and vibration protection in Moscow.


Field tests of acoustic efficiency, software tools of the Ecolog series, noise protection issues in the railway transport facilities design in Russia all these and other questions were considered at the Research and Practice Seminar Noise and vibration protection in the railway transport facilities design on September 18-20.


It was held in Greenwood business park (Moscow) at the initiative of The Union of Railway Construction Engineers and with the support of Occupational Safety, Industrial Safety and Environmental Monitoring Department of PJSC Russian Railways, PJSC Roszheldorproekt, LLC SoyuzTransStroy, Research Institute of Construction Physics of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RIP RAACS), NJSC TRANSECOPROJECT and BSTU VOENMEH.


More than 80 of its participants discussed the most significant environmental issues, became acquainted with the new state standard of the Russian Federation GOST 54933-2012, with modern technologies and achievements in the field of noise and vibration protection facilities design, shared Russian and international experience.


Petr Potapov, Deputy Head of Occupational Safety, Industrial Safety and Environmental Monitoring Department of PJSC Russian Railways, took part in the seminar. He mentioned high quality of the attendees reports and the acuteness of issues, In almost every speech there was a statement of the fact that in our country it is necessary to coordinate city-planning policy issues with railways development planning. Such unity will allow to reduce the risks of exposure of people living within the boundaries of the railway infrastructure, and our companys financial investments to minimize them.


It is the first time in the railway transport history, when such a reputable in terms of its membership meeting is held. The issues discussed here have become extremely acute recently. Among other things, this seminar will allow to improve the qualification of road designers and introduce them to practical results of the cutting-edge Russian acoustic scientists in this field, Nikolay Ivanov, Professor, Head of Environmental studies, health and safety Department of BSTU VOENMEH (Saint-Petersburg), shared his impressions.


It was crucial for us to gather experts in environmental protection, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, said Vyacheslav Rybkyn, the URCE President. We are sure that such an exchange of best practices is vital for the effective implementation of the large-scale infrastructure projects which are important for the industry.


Enviromental protection from railway transport impact has become an international matter of discussion. Shemer Nicolaus, Project Manager of the Austrian company Region North Getzner Werkstoffe GmbH, was among the participants of the discussion about measures and means of environmental protection from the negative transportation impact. He was amazed by the real scope with which Russian scientists and experts were dealing with urgent ecological issues. Our country is small, and we have been working on the environmental protection for a long time. Russia is a huge country, your scale can be compared with perspectives in this field; the unique ecological experience demonstrated by your experts must be in demand all over the world, Shemer Nicolaus didnt hide his emotions.


In the course of the meeting the practical value was contributed by its delegates who were representing the biggest Russian companies in the noise and vibration protection field. In the the judgement of Andrey Nicolsky, Deputy General Director of LLC SoyuzTransStroy, there was one more problem that design institutes did not have enough experience in working with a new noise GOST. This seminar actually became a platform for popularization and spreading of the implemented standards.


As a result of the seminar it was decided to continue cooperation of its participants in the field of noise and vibration protection in railway transport facilities design by having made such a meeting annual. Finishing the seminar, Vyacheslav Rybkyn, President of the Union of the Railway Construction Engineers, expressed his confidence that the issues raised will be settled, established goals will be reached, and Russian scientists, designers, experts in railway facilities construction will get an extra impulse to continue their ecological mission and understand each other better.