EPMP section is developed:

  •          for capital construction projects and their parts under construction and reconstruction within the boundaries of the land plot belonging to the developer;

  •          as part of major structural repairs of capital facilities if they affect structural and other characteristics of reliability and safety of such facilities.

Project documentation preparation, including EPMP section is not required for construction, reconstruction, capital repairs of private housing development projects (detached residential houses not higher than three-storeyed, designed for a single-family dwelling).

Capital construction projects are buildings, structures, facilities, incomplete construction projects, excluding light constructions, kiosks, sheds and other similar structures.

Documents required for EPMP project development:

  •          Facility location and a compulsory list of adjoining buildings and structures

  •          Information about availability of the specially protected areas and sanitary protection zones on the area under examination.

  •          Decision on the installation of domestic sewage system and storm water drainage system and issuance of the installation certificates.

  •          Decision on the boiler room.

  •          If the projected facility is a water consumer, then Fisheries management report is required.

  •          Report of the Russian Federal Service for Consumer Rights and Health Protection (Rospotrebnadzor) is required in case of downsizing standard facility sanitary protection zone.

  •          List of parking slots and capacity, including guest parking.  

  •          Information about vehicles availability on the books of the enterprise, indicating car make, engine type and capacity, for trucks carrying capacity is indicated.

  •          Information about the enterprise staff size, main work schedule, number of shifts and number of workers.

  •          Technical requirements for connection to water supply networks and sewage systems.

  •          Safety and health certificate for the construction site.

  •          Certificate of background concentration, climate references received in the Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring with Regional Functions (CGMS-R) for the site under development.

  •          Engineering and ecological survey findings.

  •          Engineering and geological survey findings.

  • The documents are submitted if there is tree and shrubbery vegetation at the allocated construction site.

  •          Technical statement of the on-site land survey, on-site technical land survey report as well as complete enumeration statement and register of the tree and shrubbery vegetation intended for wood-felling.

  •          Site plan to scale =1:2000. The site plan can be presented to scale =1:5000 as well as =1:10000, depending on the  total plot area.

  •          Local government authorities permission for planned building allocation, land plot selection, design.

  •          The list of land property title deeds.

EPMP development procedure

  •          Environmental impact assessment analysis report for the capital construction project;

  • Environmental protection and compensation cost accounting.

  •          Developing the list of measures for prevention and (or) reduction of the probable negative impact of the planned economic activity on the environment and rational use of natural resources for the  period of construction and capital construction project operation;