Draft standards for emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere

The draft standards for maximum permissible emissions into the atmosphere is one of the most effective means of protecting the environment and protecting human health and life. Required for each company whose production process is associated with air pollution, the project MPE is a way to control and regulate emissions, their quantity and composition.

The PDV project is a permitting document for an enterprise; its development and approval is the only way to obtain a valid Rostechnadzor permit for emissions of harmful substances into the air. The indicators and standards fixed by the project serve as the basis for the company's annual compensating environmental boards.

In the absence of an agreed draft PDV and emission allowance, restrictive (up to suspension of production) and penalties in the form of direct fines and a fivefold increase factor to the payment for involuntary environmental damage are applied to the enterprise.
The basis for the sanctions is the law of the Russian Federation on environmental protection, a number of government decrees on emission standards and their restriction from 2000-2002, as well as the provisions of GOST (17.23.02-78) and SanPiN (

Draft emission limits:

The development of the MPE project is carried out by specialized experts of companies providing legal and project services in the field of environmental law. The choice of the project company determines the quality of the work and real economic and production benefits, taking into account which an experienced specialist will create a project that fully complies with the requirements of the law.

Stages of development of the project of permissible emissions:

information gathering, consulting: at this stage, the design company specialists collect all the right-trust information about the company, carry out an inventory of emission sources, instrumental measurements, examine treatment plants, take air samples for examination in an accredited laboratory, compile a list of pollutants, receive the necessary information in the establishment of Goshydromet, etc .;
development of PDV: the actual development of the project with full calculations and their justification for each object, design of the project and approval of the document by the customer;
project appraisal in supervising institutions and obtaining permission for emissions.

Project PDV:

justifies permission to limit emissions of pollutants (based on studies of technological process features and unavoidable production needs, as well as studies of the state of the atmosphere in the area of ​​an enterprise, etc.);

determines the measures that should lead to reduction of emissions and increase their safety (modernization of production and treatment facilities and installations, improvement of technology, etc.);
regulates internal environmental control at the enterprise, its frequency and content.