Designer supervision or construction oversight in the noise barrier installation process.

LLC Acoustic Design Institute is ready to perform designer or construction supervision on the noise barriers construction sites, while supplying own-produced and third-party products.

Designer supervision is carried out according to SP246.1325800.2016 Regulation of designer supervision over buildings and facilities construction and lasts from the beginning of construction till its end. Sometimes it continues at the initial stage of the facility operation. In most cases these are periodical measures. Supervision is performed by specialists of the organization which prepared project documentation. onstant presence of project designers at the site can be required for important facilities.

Designer supervision main tasks:

         control over the compliance of construction and installation operations with the project documentation and working documentation developed on its basis;

         timely solving all technical tasks concerning project and developed on its basis working documentation, which appear during construction;

         solving issues connected with modifications into construction documents and (or) project documentation, which become necessary in the process of construction, in the scope, procedure and terms fixed by the construction contract on performing project and survey work or additional agreement to the contract.

Construction supervision is performed according to SP48.13330.2011 Construction organization. Revised edition of SNiP 12-01-2004.

Our organization offers the customer construction supervision services which involve the following responsibilities according to construction regulations:

  •          checking the availability of documents of quality (certificates in specified cases) of a party performing the construction for  used materials, items of constructions and equipment, recorded results of incoming inspection and laboratory testing    

  • final evaluation (together with the party performing the construction) of  compliance of the completed construction project with legislative requirements, project and regulatory documentation.

  •          supervision over satisfying the requirement of impermissibility to perform further work prior to signing the denoted acts by the party performing the construction;

  •          evaluating (together with the party performing the construction) the compliance of executed work, structures, sections of engineering infrastructure networks, signing of bilateral acts confirming the compliance;

  •          informing state supervision bodies about all emergency situations on the construction site;

  •          supervising the implementation of the state supervision bodies and local government regulations by the party performing the construction;

  •          supervision over eliminating defects in the project documentation revealed in the construction process, documented return of defective documentation to the project designer, control and documented acceptance of corrected documentation, its transfer to a party performing the construction;

  •          supervision of availability and accuracy of keeping as-built documentation by the party performing the construction, including the certainty value of actual geodetic location sketches of completed structures with random sample check of the elements positions accuracy;

  •          control of compliance of the operational inspection performed by the party performing the construction with the requirements stated in the construction regulations;

  •        supervision over the observance of the regulations for warehousing and storage of the used materials, items of constructions and equipment by the party performing the construction;