You can order different road infrastructure elements design in the Acoustic Design Institute. 

According to SP 34.133330.2012 ‘Highways. Revised edition SNiP 2.05.02-85*’ road infrastructure involves the following buildings, structures and facilities used for road maintenance and repair services, cargo and passenger transportation and road users:

  • for a highway service – groups of buildings and constructions belonging to highway authorities, groups of buildings and constructions for main and basic units of the highway service, residential houses for industrial and office workers, production facilities, bridges service and protection points, crossings, tunnels and galleries, technological communication facilities;

  • for a highway transport service – freight service buildings and constructions (freight terminals, control stations), buildings and constructions for organized passenger transportation service (auto and bus stations, bus stops and terminals), buildings and constructions for servicing traffic participants on their route – automotive service (motels, camping, rest areas, areas for short-time parking, food service and commercial areas, petrol stations, road service stations, car wash stations at vehicular entrances to the city, vehicle inspection facilities, emergency service request communication facilities);

  • for the Federal Authority for Road Traffic Safety service – linear traffic control facilities.

Specialists of the project department are ready to provide a full range of services for development of the following sections included into highway infrastructure:

  • bus stops design;

  • rest area design;

  • outdoor lighting design;

  • pedestrian overpasses design;

  • ground level pedestrian crossing design (with traffic signal control or without it);

  • structural engineering for motels, service stations, traffic police stationary posts, etc;

  • highway infrastructure development design (road restraint systems, signs, road marking, guiding devices, lighting systems, traffic lights, automatic traffic control systems).

Specialists of our Institute are ready to provide a full range of services in the proposed areas or help in solving specific tasks (calculation and realization of detailed buildings and facilities drawings and their foundations, providing existing project designs, electric computations, strength calculations and much more)..