You can order noise barrier project design in the Acoustic Design Institute. 

Noise barrier design is performed according to current regulatory documents:

  • Ј         SP 52-101-2003 СConcrete and reinforced concrete structures without rebar prestressingТ.

  • Ј         SP 16.13330.2011 СSteel structures. Revised edition of SNiP II-23-81*Т;

  •  SP 20.13330.2011 СLoads and impacts. Revised edition of SNiP 2.01.07-85*Т
Noise barrier designing is not a difficult, but responsible and labor intensive process, which includes a whole work package from obtaining a technical design specification to issuing  production drawings for construction:
  • - Receiving and analyzing initial data from the Customer    

  • - Facility construction or implementing onsite designer supervision.

  • - Report preparation (in hard copy and electronic form) and approval by all parties concerned;

  • - Development of the project and construction design documentation (in one or two stages, depending on necessity of documentation approval in the General Board of State Expert Review (Glavgosexpertiza));

  • - Gathering and processing the full set of initial data necessary for facility design and/or construction (performing engineering surveys, technical and economic feasibility study, etc);

  • - Forming and approving the technical design specification which meets CustomerТs requirements, including regulatory documents;

Noise barriers installation is performed in accordance with acoustic calculations and must meet the requirements of regulatory documents in a certain construction sector.

Currently there are three main sectors which require applying noise mitigation measures:

  • Ј         Highway transport noise abatement;

  • Ј         Industrial and manufacturing noise abatement.

  • Ј         Railway transport noise abatement;

Proper strength calculation will save your time and money: 

Main loads sustained by noise barriers are wind loads. Wind load intensity depends on the noise barrier height, elevation above the ground level of the noise barrier siting, characteristics of the surrounding development.

Durability of the structure, human health and safety and economic construction constituent depend on proper calculations of the noise barrier loads.

With a competent approach, any noise barrier can become attractive, durable, functional and, most importantly, affordable structure for any person and organization.

Specialists of the project department have wide experience in structural calculations in different regions of our country. They also have a variety of specific design programs that will let you not to overpay for super reliability and not to worry about your noise barrier steadiness during the hurricane. 

You can see your noise barrier in detail even before its construction and make some architectural or design modifications in construction design documentation:

Specialists of the project department at a stage of construction design documentation development will make a detailed structure 3D-visualization in the environment familiar for you Ц against the background of your house, plot of land or surrounding area with all the elements of the existing or planned infrastructure, so that you can see how the new structure fits into your plans.

We will promptly make any modifications according to your wishes and calculate construction costs taking variability into account.